EvoSwitch Data Center & the environment

An optimized IT infrastructure goes hand-in-hand with environmental sustainability for EvoSwitch data centers. A significant reduction in CO2 emissions and the use of sustainable energy can support the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

The green philosophy of EvoSwitch means that we are continually striving to maintain or reduce our carbon footprint. The sustainable solutions we have implemented to do so are certified, assuring customers that our environmental results are proven and officially verified. EvoSwitch data center has received global recognition for the superior environmental features of its data center.

How EvoSwitch preserves the environment:

  • Very low PUE scores
  • Advanced technology saves 60-80% on energy usage
  • Cables through ducts, no hot spots
  • HF-lighting connected to movement sensors
  • BMS (Building Management System)
  • Increased awareness of energy cost and savings
  • Spearheading innovative green developments
EvoSwitch Next Generation Datacenter video