The EvoSwitch AMS1 facility is a 3-story concrete and steel structure building, with prefabricated concrete and steel panel façades. With the exception of the offices, it does not contain any windows, ensuring maximum security. The data center currently spans more than 10,000m2, with room to expand to 40,000m2.

In EvoSwitch data hall 5 and above we use separate modular data center suites. These environments have an ultra-low PUE, redundant 2N dedicated power and cooling infrastructure.

Our redundant network capabilities and disaster recovery rooms make EvoSwitch the ideal place to achieve maximum continuity in case of emergency. This is supplemented by having office space available to our customers, enabling them to work as close as possible to their business critical IT framework. Evoswitch also offers various secure and private storage rooms next to (or even in) the offices themselves.

EvoSwitch data center is located in the Amsterdam area of the Netherlands. The data center is just 16 km away from Schiphol Airport, 1500m from the highway (A5-A9) and less than 800m from railway station NS Haarlem Spaarnwoude.

EvoSwitch is committed to maintaining its role as innovation leader in Green data center management. The key to our success over recent years has been the continuing focus on PUE.

PUE means Power Usage Efficiency, it is used as an indication of the amount of energy required by the data center to power your IT infrastructure. Our most current data center halls continuously measure a very low PUE throughout the whole year. This means that that the vast majority of the power consumed is used to run your applications, instead of overheads such as lighting. Not only does the low PUE supports our green focus at the same time housing your IT equipment in a secured rack environment at competitive rates.

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  • Maximum reliability and security
  • Green equals cost leadership
  • Strict policies and procedures
  • Supreme connectivity
  • Personal support 24x7


AMS1 is host to:




New!  Connect to LINX NoVa in WDC1: