EvoSwitch IXroom™
One of the main reasons customers come to EvoSwitch, is the connectivity-rich environment they find with us. A large part of our customers form a diverse ecosystem of online companies such as Internet Service Providers, Content Providers and Content Distribution Networks, Tier1 and 2 carriers networks and Hosting- and Cloud Service Providers. Inside our data centers, they interconnect their networks to buy and sell network services, exchange traffic privately or publicly via our Internet Exchange partners. At EvoSwitch, we have named this important community IXroom.

IXroom: Enabling Interconnection
Our EvoSwitch AMS1 and WDC1 data centers have grown to be important hubs in their regional markets. Our Internet Exchange partners with a physical presence inside our data centers, provide you with Public Peering opportunities with ISPs or content providers from around the world. Internet Exchanges in other European and North American markets can be reached via a growing number of Remote Peering Partners, one cross connect away. This flexible addition to your Peering strategy could provide you with early access to peers in markets where you don’t have a presence yet, or add incidental peers outside of your network footprint. All without the need to deploy network locally. Finally, our Network Service Providers form an important part of IXroom™. They provide you with wholesale BGP access to the rest of the Internet, Wavelength Point-to-Point services and Dark Fiber allow you to scale your network and build for growth.

A Special Offer For New Customers
New customers who come to EvoSwitch AMS1 or WDC1, and connect to any of our partner Internet Exchanges with new or additional ports, can colocate their routing equipment FREE of charge for three years, including space and power*. From a quarter cabinet with a 1GE port to the Exchange of your choice, up to a full cabinet with multiple 10GE ports or a 100GE port, your space and power for your router or switch is absolutely free of any setup or recurring charge, for three years. All the cross connects you need to connect your ports to the Exchanges are also free of setup and recurring charges, for as long as you stay connected.

Some conditions apply, you may only use your space for routing equipment (e.g. no content servers), and there is a limit to the power for quarter, half and full cabinets. Internet Exchange ports need to be ordered through EvoSwitch. Contact our sales team today for details.

A Commitment To Open Interconnection 
In the Netherlands, EvoSwitch AMS1 has been awarded the ‘AMS-IX Certified Data Centre’ accreditation by the Amsterdam Internet Exchange. This accreditation is renewed annually based on external audits from an independent constultant ap
pointed by AMS-IX. The certificate complements EvoSwitch’s existing ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications, and demonstrates our strong commitment to delivering service to our customers, in a secure environment. 

We extend our commitment to standards and open interconnection to the US, where our WDC1 data center in Virginia has been Open-IX certified (OIX-2). As an early supporter, we feel that Open-IX’s initiative to help bring mutual and distributed Internet Exchanges to foster network resilience through choice of colocation provider where to interconnect is the right choice for our customers. EvoSwitch understands the balance independent, member-run and neutral Internet exchanges bring to any market as proven by our successful partnerships with various Internet Exchanges in Europe. Both the OIX-2 and the AMS-IX certificate function as signals to our customers and Internet Exchange partners that EvoSwitch is the right partner to choose for your interconnection needs and platforms. EvoSwitch facilitates your interconnection needs with attractively priced fiber cross connects, which interconnect in secure, isolated Meet Me Rooms across our facility. 



Get connected
EvoSwitch provides you with a few simple steps to qualify for free colocation with your AMS-IX, NL-ix (AMS1) and LINX NoVA (WDC1) ports.
To qualify for free colocation, you must:

  1. Have an ASN (Autonomous System Number) which will be connected to the Internet Exchange. Your network must have its own ASN and IP space, both assigned by Local Internet Registry or a Regional Internet Registry (ARIN, AfriNIC, APNIC, LACNIC or RIPE-NCC); 
  2. Let EvoSwitch know in advance of your intention to connect to The Exchange of choice as well as the ASN you will be connecting; 
  3. Be a Member of the Exchange where applicable. For full instructions, please contact our sales department.



About AMS-IX
AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) is a neutral, independent and distributed Internet Exchange based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. AMS-IX interconnects around 700 IP networks and its business traffic has a peak of more than 3 Terabit per second, making it the largest Internet Exchange in the world. The AMS-IX platform provides a professional, high quality, non-blocking peering service for all types of IP traffic, be it regular IP data such as email or web content, to also video/TV, voice and cloud services. AMS-IX additionally hosts the first mobile peering points worldwide: the Global GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX), the Mobile Data Exchange (MDX) and the first interconnection of IPX networks (Inter-IPX). AMS-IX deploys three other Internet Exchanges abroad: AMS-IX Hong Kong in the Asia Pacific region, AMS-IX Caribbean based in Curaçao and the AMS-IX East Africa Exchange Point in Mombasa, Kenya. AMS-IX’s counterpart AMS-IX USA Inc. deploys AMS-IX Bay Area, AMS-IX Chicago and AMS-IX New York in the United States. For more information about AMS-IX please visit: www.ams-ix.net.


About NL-ix
The Neutral Internet Exchange (NL-ix) is the pan-European internet exchange with over 479 members and 850 Gbps of traffic. NL-ix provides the availability for companies to setup peering sessions with all members connected to the exchange, without the cost for transport between various cities and countries. Covering 71 carrier neutral data centers in 7 countries makes NL-ix the 5th largest global Internet exchange. All data centers are interconnected and located in key markets in Europe, being Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In 2015 NL-ix will further expand into Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and later in the year to Italy, Denmark and Sweden. www.nl-ix.net. 


The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is the largest Internet Exchange Point in the UK, and is the country’s largest membership association for Internet Service Providers and other major network operators. We provide peering services and public policy representation to over 525 members across 59 countries. The LINX London network currently handles over 2.055 Tb/sec of peak traffic and covers more than 80% of the global routing table. In Northern Virginia, LINX operate LINX NoVA, a neutral Exchange distributed over three data centers. LINX NoVA is Open-IX (OIX1) certified. For more information, please visit www.linx.net/service/publicpeering/nova.


About Open-IX
The Open-IX Association (OIX) is an Internet community-derived effort to improve the landscape of Internet peering and interconnect in the United States. OIX encourages the development of neutral and distributed Internet Exchanges in North America while promoting uniform, cost-efficient standards of performance for interconnections backed by the Internet community. The association aims to promote common and uniform specifications for data transfer and physical connectivity and improve IX performance by developing criteria and methods of measurement to reduce the complexity that restricts interconnection in fragmented markets. For more information, please visit www.open-ix.org.